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Chitè Milano

Web Creation

Online Shop Management

DEM Strategy

What we did


The first Italian lingerie brand certified as a B-Corp, Chitè Milano really is the pioneer in the field of intimate wear offering a personalized experience for each and every body shape through certified fabrics and a sustainable supply chain. From embroidered inscriptions on their ready-to-wear items to custom-made pieces tailored to individual tastes and body types, Chitè offers intimate wear suitable for real women, breaking away from stereotypes and recognizing the uniqueness of each person.


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The challenge

A full restyling of the eCommerce was performed, migrating the shop on the Shopify platform giving it a strong editorial trait while maintaining a high level of functionality. In addition to the themes of independence, inclusivity, and authenticity, the new e-shop is grounded in two core values, craftsmanship and sustainability, that reflect in both the company production and commitment. Beyond enhancing navigation, SEO optimization has been implemented in order to improve conversion rate and boost sales. The website now features a seamless UX allowing users to explore the brand and get inspired by its story and products.

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