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The pursuit of sexual well-being is a fascinating and exciting journey to discover ourselves, our desires and our emotions. A journey that we travel together with our partner, to experience an authentic, profound and shared exploration. It’s a real virtual place that catalyzes contents and information inside, in which to explore the world of pleasure, get information, learn to know each other better.


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The challenge

An immersive e-commerce that follows users throughout the purchase phase, with different love sections.

One of the platform news is the “Sexpert” section, a virtual area where you can find content created by experts in pleasure and sex. A real magazine informative collecting articles by Sex Experts who collaborate with Control. The Me&V line represents another piece of news: specific Control products for personal well-being and the V-zone presented exclusively on the digital channel.

The entire range of Control products is present within eCommerce, from condoms to sex toys, passing through gels, up to the new line, all with detailed information. Of course, orders are always sent anonymously.

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